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Fertility Appointment

If you are having difficulty falling pregnant, it is important to know that you are not alone. One in 6 couple are having trouble conceiving, however very few couples are truly infertile.

For the past 10 years, Perth Natural Fertility have used the latest evidence based natural medicine to help correct many male and female reproductive disorders including, absent or irregular periods, PCOS and poor egg or sperm quality.

For couples undergoing IVF, studies have shown that natural fertility care improves your chance of success, in a way that is safe for both mother and baby.

It usually takes as little as 90 days for most couples to significantly improve their fertility.

What Happens During A Fertility Naturopath Appointment?

An hour and half is reserved for your first fertility naturopath appointment and 60 minutes for subsequent appointments.

To make the most of your initial appointment – it is recommended that you gather all your previous pathology result, medical scans and other tests, which you may have had and forward them to the clinic via email or mail.

​Your naturopath will look through this information before your appointment to save time. Your appointment time will be spent taking a full case history and starting you on our preconception care program. You will also have time to ask questions and bring up any concerns which you may have.

​Previous pathology results from GP's and fertility clinics will be explain in regard to your specific situation. Many clients report back, that they really appreciate this part of the appointment and now feel more in control of their fertility and with a clear view on how to go forward.

Do You Know When You Ovulate?

Basic temperature tracking and the use of LH ovulation sticks is also discussed for couples wanting to conceive naturally. This is very important as a woman is only fertile a few days every cycle, so to know when a you are ovulating is critical when you are trying to conceive.

During this process, some couples realize that the woman isn't ovulating at all, even though she has her period every month. Our natural fertility program monitors that ovulation occurs and once this is established conception and a healthy pregnancy usually follows.

For couples needing to use assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF/ICSI, this process is not required.

Further Testing 

​For some couples further diagnostic procedures such as physical exams, such as ultrasound, laparoscopy is helpful. 

Blood and urine analysis may be required in order to establish any underlying factors of infertility. This can be done through your GP, fertility clinic or functional pathology. Test which are done through a GP are generally covered by Medicare.

Depending on your circumstance, sometimes a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) can be useful. If you come into contact with chemicals, the chances are that they can impact on your fertility. A Hair Mineral Analysis can help show if any toxic heavy metals are stored in your body impeeding your fertility.

For couples who have been long-term vegans or vegetarians, as HTMA can also provide helpful information regarding your levels of nutrients important for conception and pregnancy.​

Your Second Fertility Naturopath Appointment

​Your second consultation will be focused on addressing any returned test results which may have been ordered. This could be shedding light on nutritional deficiencies or heavy mineral toxicity after your hair mineral analysis has been received.

For couples who have chosen to complete a Fertility Detox - this should be your final days. Most couples report that they are feeling great, with more energy and less bloating and digestive discomfort. You may have discovered sensitivities to foods, which are best avoided during preconception and pregnancy.  

​​We see many clients who are diagnosed with specific fertility issues as well as unexplained fertility. Some couples will need assisted reproductive technology help such as IVF/ICSI to achieve pregnancy. For a list of conditions generally responding well to natural fertility treatment, please visit Male & Female Reproductive Disorders.

​​For couples needing assisted reproductive technology, please visit our Natural IVF Support page for further information.

​​Your program will be personalised to suit your particular fertility issues. Many couples who experience fertility issues, have underlying nutritional deficiencies and/or hormonal issues which can affect their fertility. To help correct deficiencies, couples will often be required to take supplements well as adhering to a healthy lifestyle.

For Many Women - It Is All About Egg Quality

​​For women over 35 with poor egg quality or low ovarian reserve (numbers of eggs left), it takes time to fully improve your fertility. In these cases FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) is often high and you may have low AMH (anti mullerian hormone). The egg takes about 100 to mature before ovulation and sperm take about 80 days. If you have severe fertility issues, you may have to be patient and wait for at least 3-4 months before your fertility show signs of improvement. This is of specific relevance before fresh egg collection during an IVF cycle, when you will want to collect the best possible quality eggs.

​​We find our recommendations are maintainable when they fit in with your lifestyle, budget, time. We take all these factors into account when developing a practical action plan with you.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the clinic.

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