Naturopathic IVF Support Can Help Improve Your Success

The Natural IVF Support Program focuses on optimal health for prospective parents to increase the chance of a healthy conception, pregnancy, birth and baby. The program is developed by our fertility naturopath. It uses evidence based supplements to help optimise your fertility and support the effectiveness of assisted reproductive technologies such as IVF. The program provides the essential nutrition needed during the preconception period  to assist with healthy sperm and egg development.

The Natural IVF/ART Support Program is for couples who need to use assisted reproductive therapies to achieve pregnancy. An English study (2003) conducted by Foresight, the Association for the Promotion of Preconception Care, suggested a 47% increase in pregnancy rates for couples practicing preconception care in the months leading up to their IVF treatment. 

​Perth Natural Fertility currently have three programs designed to assist couples achieve optimal health prior to ART/IVF. It is important for both partners (unless a sperm or egg donor is used) to participate in preconception care as each of you contribute 50% of the genetic material, which will ultimately become your baby.

​3 Natural IVF Support Options for Optimal Fertility

​Select the Best Option for You

option one

Preconception Care Is the Best Form of IVF Support

This is the optimal Natural Fertility Program and is for you, if you have time to prepare your body for the best possible chances of IVF success. As it takes about 100 days for an egg to mature, it is best to start preparing for IVF 3-4 months before egg collection. By doing so – you will be able to improve the quality of both egg and sperm and thereby increasing your chances of IVF success.

Option 2

Natural IVF Support with Short Notice

It is never too late to prepare your body for pregnancy. A Fertility Naturopath can help protect and improve your egg quality leading up to & during IVF without interfering with your medication. We can help prepare the endometrial lining for implantation and reduce unnecessary cramping of the uterus after transfer.

option 3

You Already Have Frozen Embryos

If you are using frozen embryos, we can help support your body with optimal development of the endometrial lining and implantation. Supporting your body and reducing cramping after transfer, are important factors for a successful pregnancy. Stress relief can also be given without any interference with your IVF medication or the health of your baby.

​The Fertility Program is a 12 to 16 week program. It is designed around the natural maturation cycle of the eggs and complete development of sperm. Throughout this time, the quality of the eggs and sperm can be improved, by nutrition and positive lifestyle choices, often leading to enhanced fertility outcomes.

The first program is aimed at couples who do not have any frozen embryos or eggs collected. The optimal egg and sperm quality is achieved after 3-4 months on preconception care before starting a fertility cycle to collect eggs.

The program will also take into consideration any additional nutritional requirements needed due to advancing age, sperm abnormalities, low sperm count, low egg count, poor egg quality, poor uterine development etc.

The second program is aimed at couples who may only have 1-2 months before their scheduled egg collection. There is still time to support and protect the eggs during maturation and development before collection. The program is also designed to help support implantation of the embryo.

You Have Frozen Embryos Ready For Use

The third program is for the couple who wish to go ahead using frozen embryos or eggs already collected. As the quality of the embryo or eggs is already determined, the main focus is on improving the endometrial lining and implantation success. The program also focuses on improved nutritional status for the prospective mother and baby through the pregnancy. Improving overall health, diet and lifestyle helps to boost fertility.

During the program, individual nutritional supplementation as well as herbal treatment is prescribed according to each couples individual needs.

"No supplements which will interfere with your medical treatment will be prescribed".

It is always good practice to check with your specialist if he or she has any objections or concerns with your prescription. Our clinic will be happy to provide you with information to bring to your Fertility Centre.

At our clinic we are 100% focused on helping you during your journey towards parenthood. Our goal is to provide you with to the best natural fertility support, empowerment and education. Our Natural Fertility Programs is based on years of clinical experience, medical studies and traditional use.

​All Programs Aim to:

Improve Egg and Sperm quality within 90 days

Remove toxin exposure through dietary and lifestyle changes

Improve cervical mucous quality if needed

Improve circulation to and thickness of the endometrial lining if needed

Reduce inflammation and relax the uterine lining for better implantation success

​Our Naturopaths at Perth Natural Fertility can recommend the right program for you and guide you through a safe, Natural IVF Support to improve your chances of IVF success.