Pregnancy Nutrition

Optimal Pregnancy Nutrition

A Pregnancy Nutrition Appointment with us is designed to encourage and help you to think proactively about the months ahead. It covers lots of useful and valuable tips on how to enhance your pregnancy and your baby’s development through the first trimester. You will also receive information on how to stay relaxed and serene.

Good nutritional planning can reduce the possibility of complications developing during pregnancy, such as hypertension or gestational diabetes. Common problems like morning sickness, heartburn and constipation can can be alleviate. We use safe remedies such as homeopathy or nutritional supplements for most complaints. Good nutrition can help assure your energy levels stay at their best during your pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Get A Pregnancy Nutritional Assessment

All of which is why it’s worth the effort to get a nutritional assessment as soon as you get the good news, as it’s very easy to end up under-nourished without really noticing. Many of the food we eat are highly processed, genetically modified or factory farmed. Everyone knows that smoking and alcohol have a negative impact on pregnancy, but stress can also be a problem, as it depletes your body of essential nutrients.

There is a strong correlation between a mother’s diet during pregnancy and a baby’s birth weight and future health. Babies born with a low birth weight are at greater risk of ill-health and disease. Whereas babies with a good weight are likely to have a better start to life.

You will get an in-depth nutritional assessment of your individual situation. Included is information on blood sugar balance, protein intake, “good” carbohydrates and weight management. Food safety, including foods which are best avoided during pregnancy.

​​You will get an in-depth nutritional assessment of your individual situation, including information on:

  • Blood sugar balance
  • Essential protein intake
  • “Good” carbohydrates
  • Healthy weight management
  • Food safety, including foods which are best avoided during pregnancy

​Our Naturopaths at Perth Natural Fertility can recommend the right program for you and guide you through a healthy pregnancy.

Natural supplements used together with a nutrient rich, whole food diet and appropriate lifestyle choices support your body and your birthing experience. A healthy pregnancy will help your baby's health for years to come.